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"perfect for my redhead skin"Birchbox Review - Best Concealer Ever!It was the first time I ever tried a concealer in my make-up routine and noticed it took my make-up to a whole new level. Thanks for making an awesome product! - Taylor way to camouflageOne product we love that combines medication and makeup, which contains soothing aloe, tea tree oil which disinfects the area, and green tea to take out the redness. – CosmopolitanI really like the acne coverage and how it seemed to almost in 2 days heal my breakout to the point it is practically invisible.Turns out, the stuff works surprisingly well: You dab it over your bite and it immediately conceals any redness and swelling. - Allure...(loaded with vitamin E and aloe vera) will camouflage any unsightly marks. - Real SimpleI love it. I have already told my sisters and my friends about this - Kaylea A.This one is a favorite and we can't wait to share it with you! Boo-Boo Cover-Up is a new concealer for the body and face that's packed with good stuff and actually works! - She KnowsHow to contour your face (video) - Secret Life of a Bio Nerd#grateful CNN Robin Meade

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